X-Bionic The Trick Koszulka do biegania z krótkim rękawem Mężczyźni czarny XDEYWU

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Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

Run longer and faster without overheating: The Trick X-Bionic makes that possible. Along the length of the spine of the X-Bionic The Trick Running Shirt is an insulating pad. It simulates the body overheating and allows early sweat production to kick in. Thanks to preventive cooling, extreme temperature spikes and energy-sapping overheating is avoided.

Skin NodorSkin Nodor is a climate-activated nano-filament which incorporates an inorganic, bacteriostatic ingredient in its interior. The gradual release of ions, which are activated body heat, is the key to the effectiveness of Skin Nodor. These ions inhibit the growth of microorganisms rather than eliminating them outright, thus preserving the delicate balance of the skin‘s ecosystem. In other words, Skin Nodor is bacteriostatic (i.e. it inhibits bacterial growth), rather than bactericidal (bacteria-killing). Therefore, allergic reactions do not occur. Skin Nodor is especially soft and breathable and provides superior fit.

MythlanA lightweight, pH neutral, hypoallergenic fibre. Reduces the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

The TrickNormal thermoregulation during athletic activity follows defined rules: When the body temperature during activity climbs over a certain point, sensors in the back notify the brain via the spinal cord of the need for cooling. Only then is sweat produced to cool the already overheated body. With The Trick, the developers at X-Bionic have found a new and superior way to thermoregulate. Along an insulation zone on the spine, an overheating of the body is simulated, and the brain kicks in with early sweat production.

37°C CCR-TechnologyThe human body knows how to adapt quickly and effectively to physical exertion. Heart rate climbs in order to drive more oxygen into the veins. So that the body core temperature stays at 37 °C, more blood is demanded the peripheral blood vessels where it can be cooled the evaporative process with sweat. Technical apparel that takes sweat away from the body disturbs the natural cooling effect. That costs extra energy, instead of assisting the body. More sweat and more valuable minerals are lost. That's exactly the problem that X‑Bionic SystemGear effectively prevents whilst also supporting the body in its performance ability.

3D-Bionic Sphere SystemLeaves residual moisture on the skin that the body does not interpret as dampness. We have no sensors for sweat. We can only perceive sweat mechanically once drops form and begin to trickle down. Only at that point do we register “wet”. Sweat Traps absorb this moisture before it is felt, drawing it away to be evaporated and disposing of it through thermal dynamics. Only a thin film of moisture remains on the skin. Cooling is of course not possible without moisture.

Expansion RibsExpansion Ribs knitted fabric fold apart based on the accordion principle, insuring that cold doesn’t cool down the elbows. Event when sharply bent during activity, the insulating effect is maintained through warm air that is already stored in the interior. The flexibility of this technology and elasticity of the yarn allow for the freedom of movement.

Sweat TrapsTrap perspiration before you start to feel it. Wick perspiration away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics. A film of perspiration – too thin to be noticeable – is left behind to cool the skin.

X-Impact TechnologyThe unique X-Impact Technology X‑Bionic creates a perceptible pressure all over. The sensation stimulates body awareness without restricting freedom of movement or affecting fit. You move more precisely and more effectively, and your muscle performance improves.

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  • Medium compression effect
  • Nasz model nosi rozmiar M przy wysokości około 185 cm. Rozmiar wypada trochę mniejszy. Radzimy kupić model o numer większy.Pokaż tabelę rozmiarów
  • Obcisły, sportowy krój
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